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PPO Dental Plan Individual, Family Benefits No Waiting, (but less benefits in first calendar year)  
   Quote (and Enroll) GPM DENTAL 2500 plan Link: No Waiting Period GPM Plan
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HSA Plans:
Besides any of the regular health plans, you may also qualify for "HSA" compatible health plans. In California, the main carriers offering them are: Blue Cross of California (EPO plan), Blue Shield of California (PPO Preferred Savings Plan), and Nationwide Health Plans (Choice Saver PPO). If you are self employed and you apply and are approved for one of these health plans, then you are eligible to get a "Tax Qualified" special bank account called an "HSA". This allows you to pay for healthcare expenses with pretax dollars. Not many banks offer these special bank accounts but here is a link to one that does: www.msabank.com.

To get a quote on "HSA" compatible health plans, call (909) 790-8622. Note: these plans will be intermingled with the regular plans, you have to look for the plan names (and carriers) as mentioned in the above paragraph in italics.

Other options:
1)   If you are self employed and your spouse works with you, there are other tax advantged programs available we can help you set up (Section 105 of the IRS code--sort of like a Section 125, but a little different). If you qualify, this will give a 100% tax deduction on medical expenses, as well as medical insurance premiums and a deduction on up to 50,0000 term life premiums! We have an inexpensive term life plan to offer that also pays 100% of the benefit if you have a major illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, terminal illness, renal failure, total disability etc. and 25% for major heart surgery, and 10% for angioplasty. What a great complement this can be to your medical plan!

2)   You may also qualify for group coverage, which is more expensive, but may be advantageous if you have pre existing conditions which make it difficult to qualify for individual/family plans.

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