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   Dental and Vision Insurance For Individual, Family, Self Employed, and Group
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Individual/Family/Self-employed HMO (DMO) DeltaCare Dental Plan: You pick a dentist from their list. However, you get immediate coverage for all covered benefits, and coverage is unlimited!.

Individual/Family/Self-employed Indemnity or PPO Plan: You get a much much larger choice of dentists! But there is a 6 month waiting period for major dental work.

Group HMO (DMO) DeltaCare Dental Plan: Works the same as mentioned above for individual plans.

Group Indemnity or PPO (DPO) Delta Dental Plan: On the Group Delta PPO or Indemnity Plans we offer, there is no waiting period for any of the services (on groups of 5 or more full-time workers in the company)! For groups of 2, 3, or 4 workers, there is a waiting period

Vision Plans VSP for Group, Vision Plan of America for Individual/Family/Self-employed

Delta Dental HMO for Individuals, family, & self employed

Delta Dental Plan coverage is very popular and considered the best! There are many other Delta Dental HMO plans out there with less benefits. This particular plan has the best benefits you'll find!

Benefits/Copayments-Partial List:

DeltaCare Your CopayNotes
Exams:no charge  
Cleaning: no charge  
Sealant (per tooth): $10 (covered up to age 14)
many non-group plans don't cover this--this plan does!
Cavities: $7  
Impacted tooth removal
Soft tissue:
Impacted tooth removal
Partially bony:
$70 many non-group plans don't cover this--this plan does!
Impacted tooth removal
Comepletely bony:
$90 many non-group plans don't cover this--this plan does!
Root canal-Anterior: $55  
Root canal-Bicuspid: $110  
Root canal-Molar: $165  
Crowns-Porcelain with metal
and Cast post and core

The monthly rates are as follows:

Delta Dental HMO: Single - $29.60; Couples - $50.30; Families - $74.00

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Note: On the application you do need to put a Dentist of your choice!

If you are not able to print the Brochure/Applicaton you may use the link below to order that a brochure and application be sent to you!
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Select Dental Insurance Plan for individuals, family, & self employed, or groups

Go to any dentist you want; or use the network and you pay less for dental care.

Offered through United Association of Small Business

The monthly rates are as follows:

Single - $35.50; 2 People - $59.50; Families - $84.50

Features Of Plan
  • No Waiting Period for basic and preventive services
  • Only a (first) 6 month wait on major dental work
  • Even Coverage For Implants
  • Great Benefits
  • Online enrollment

    For more details click here: Select Dental
    (please be patient, it may take a moment for the new window to appear.)

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    Dental PPO Savings Program

    Save Money! Save up to 50% on Dentalcare! Entire Family Included For As Little As $19.95 Per Month      All Pre-existing Conditions Accepted! This Is Not Insurance!      For Information click on www.1savings.com

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    Delta Dental Group Plans For Businesses

    Get Details DeltaCare DMO Group Plan
    Get Details Delta Preferred Option DPO Group Plan
    Get Details Delta Premier Group Plan
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    Vision Insurance

    For Vision insurance there are HMO plans available. You have to choose an optometrist from their list.

    Individual/Family/Self-employed HMO Plans: We offer Vision Plan of America (only in conjunction with dental and/or health insurance, we do not offer this as a stand alone product).
    Vision Plan of America has two plans: B, and MQ2. Plan MQ2 costs much less because it doesn't cover frames, but it does offer a 25% discount on frames.
    The monthly rates are as follows:
    Vision Plan of America Plan B: Single - $9.50; Couples - $17.60; Families - $22.40
    Vision Plan of America Plan MQ2: Single - $4; Couples - $5.25; Families - $6.25

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    Group HMO Plans: We offer VSP Group Plans - Available upon request

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