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PPO Health Plans

Blue Cross PPO
Share 500 Deductible
Share 1000 Deductible
Share 1500 Deductible
Share 2500 Deductible
Basic PPO 1000 (hosptial plan)

Blue Shield PPO
500 Deductible Plan
750 Deductible Plan
1500 Deductible Plan
2000 Deductible Plan

Nationwide PPO
Choice $15 co-pay, 500 deductible
Choice $15 co-pay, 1000 deductible
Choice $15 co-pay, 2500 deductible
Choice $45 co-pay, 750 Deductible
Choice $45 co-pay, 1000 Deductible
Choice $45 co-pay, 2500 Deductible
Choice Select $25 or $40 co-pay, 250 Deductible
Classic 2500 Deductible

HealthNet PPO
PPO FirstChoice (3000 Deductible)
PPO SimpleChoice 15 (1500 Deductible)
PPO SimpleChoice 25 (2500 Deductible)
PPO SimpleChoice 40 (4000 Deductible)
PPO SimpleChoice 35 (3500 Deductible)
PPO SmartChoice HSA (2500/Ind. 5000/Fam deductible)
PPO SimpleChoice 50 (Deductible 5000)
PPO ValueChoice 1500 (Deductible 1500)
HMO Health PLans

Blue Cross HMO
HMO Saver
HMO Select

Blue Shield HMO
Access + HMO

Cigna HMO
Group One HMO

HealthNet HMO
HMO 15
HMO 40

PacifiCare HMO
HMO 10

Universal Care
Plan 10 (HMO)
Plan 20 (HMO)

Delta HMO
Pacificare HMO
Multiflex Indemnity
Multiflex Major work--not covered 1st 18 months. Basic--not covered 1st 6 months.
Vision Plan of America B
Vision Plan of America MQ2
Accident Plans:     Supplemental Accident Insurance Plan

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