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Your health care needs may vary a great deal from that of your neighbor's. Health Net has a good selction of plans to choose from. Whether you want a Health Net PPO or a Health Net HMO there are many options to fit your needs and your budget. As an authorized Health Net agent we can help you through the process of getting a quote, and/or applying, and checking on the status of your application. Go ahead and call if you have questions! Everything is also avaiable for you to get an online quote and apply online if you so wish.

Please see the disclaimer and explanation provided at the bottom of the page!
Questions? Call Toll Free 1 (877) 733-9691
or (909) 790-8622
What are the differences between an HMO and a PPO?
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Disclaimer and Explanation:
** The information on this page and elswhere in this or any connected web site is not a contract. It is provided as a summary and is meant only to give you an idea of what might be covered. Only the actual contract/policy provided (to you, if approved for coverage) by the health plan carrier would control what is a covered benefit or not.

Do not cancel any current coverage until you have received notice--in writing from the health plan carrier--that you have been accepted. Also do not cancel your current coverage until you have received and read the new contract/policy and agree with the terms, benefits, and exclusions etc. it describes.

Please understand that if you do not fully disclose all pertinent information on the application, it may give the health carrier cause to deny future claims and retroactively nullify your contract/policy so that it would be as if you never had the coverage.
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